cutting belt

High quality cutting belts

Different shore hardness, nearly every dimension and thickness, standards & special solutions Next to cutting boards on several cutting systems cutting belts are used, which have two functions : a. materialtransport b. cutting board These are two opposite properties as on one hand the belt must be hard as possible in order to be a […]

High quality cutting boards

Do you experience problems such as dies embedding into your cutting boards, bowed cutting boards, rapid deterioration of the cutting boards or slow production speeds? The importance of the cutting board in comparison to the more expensive cutting dies is often overlooked and directly related to these problems. With the new brand name Star we […]

Consultation free of charge

Profit from our experience ! You are for sure the expert for cutting soft materials, especially your materials, but we would like to help with our ideas, our experience for the best cutting board for your application. Maybe this can help to improve the cutting result or increase the lifetime of the board for saving money […]

The Most Common Occurring Problems

Over our many years of sales and consulting work we have often came across the same problems that can occur during the use of the cutting boards. We have listed several of them to help you recognize and eliminate them. Please see our handling tips for helpful information. If you have further questions, please do […]