hand cutting boards

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Profit from our experience ! You are for sure the expert for cutting soft materials, especially your materials, but we would like to help with our ideas, our experience for the best cutting board for your application. Maybe this can help to improve the cutting result or increase the lifetime of the board for saving money […]

Do all cutting boards have the same quality?

We could easily answer this question “no”. There are many different plastics with different properties and of course different prices.The first difference is the raw material. High quality raw material is in general more expensive than low quality raw material.The second difference is the production speed. The faster the production speed the more tension will […]

Cutting board Typ STAR 63 soft green
Shore Härte D: 63
Color: soft green
Application: This cutting board type is flexible and easy to bend and has a smooth surface for hand cutting. This type of cutting board is commonly used for handcutting.
Pricing: compatitive