Cutting tools

SSTAR cutting technology offers you die cutting tools to suit your application. We are happy to test with our tools and your material in advance, in the second step with your material and your tools, and then make our recommendation. We are one of the few providers who cover every area of ​​cutting technology – cutting machine, cutting tools and cutting boards.

STAR offers a wide variety of cutting tool types, such as strip steel tools with the usual wooden carrier plate or new with a transparent plastic plate, so that you can look through the tool like with a stamping iron and can therefore also be used for materials such as leather. We continue to offer traditional cutting dies, or special tools with material system for material positioning, cutting tools for deep-drawn parts, cutting tools with material removal or full-cut tools with female / male part.

The production of the woodrule cutting tools is done with the latest and most precise machines to meet your requirements. The wooden panels are lasered according to the CAD file, the steel strip is automatically bent and then the bent steel strip is inserted into the wooden panels.

Woodrule cutting tools require ejection foam so that the stamped part is pushed out of the tool again after the cutting process, because the harder and thicker the material, the easier it is to jam in the tool. Selecting the right ejector foam can sometimes require a long period of testing to ensure a consistent production process at the desired quality. The assembly of the ejection foam can be made over the entire surface, part of the surface and from one or different foam materials. In the case of full-surface occupancy, a one-sided self-adhesive foam is placed on the cutting side of the tool, punched and then any areas that are not to be occupied are freed from the ejectable foam again.

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