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In this area of our hompage we would like to give you some interesting links, including the links to the pages of our partners. (We are not responsible for the linked pages) Lenser Filtration GmbH & Co. Postfach 13 09 D-89242 Senden / Iller tel. : 07307 801 – 0 fax : 07307 332 75 […]

Consultation free of charge

Profit from our experience ! You are for sure the expert for cutting soft materials, especially your materials, but we would like to help with our ideas, our experience for the best cutting board for your application. Maybe this can help to improve the cutting result or increase the lifetime of the board for saving money […]

About us

Star cutting technology is a German based company with focus on the customer. Our goal is to satisfy our customers by providing them with very high quality, competitive pricing, and acceptable deliveries. We also offer as a service, friendly and free knowledgeable consulting. Our company and our partners have many years of experience and are […]

Waterjet Systems

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Knife cutting tables

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Cutting of self-adhesive material with kiss-cutting

kiss cutting 8 partSuteau offers a wide range of cutting presses to cut the following materials in a large application range!

Cutting of carbon fiber material and fiberglass

Carbon Gelege 2Carbon fiber and fiberglass cutting is easy to handle with a Suteau cutting machine. We also have a large amount of knowledge and experience in this area!

Cutting of abrasives and abrasive materials

cutting abrasivesSuteau offers a large variety of machines for the abrasive materials industry for cutting sanding belts, polishing discs and many more.

Cutting of carpets and flooring

cutting carpetsSuteau offers a large variety of machines to cut carpets and flooring.

Nesting Software

STAR nesting software allows you to take any shape you want to prepare a job costing for or cut, and automatically ‘nest’ it into the material you want to cut from to get the best possible material yield. The software is simple to use and achieves results fast. This allows you to cost jobs quickly […]