Productrange Kiss-Cutting and high speed cutting machines

Kiss cut is the synonym for partial cutting of the material. The top layers of the laminate existing of the main material, for example felt, and the double side adhesive tape will be cut through and the silicone paper, which covers one side of the adhesive tape will be not cut. So the cutted parts will stay on the tape and can easily removed from the silicon paper when needed – easier than at complete cut through parts.

Suteau Kiss cut 1 klein

Knockout units / staple units, matrix rewind, delivery of nearly perfect stacked parts

Suteau Kiss cut 6 klein

motorized and non motorized unwinder, edge control, lazy loop, lamination station, different feeding systems like rollers or pinch and grab, Knockout stations

Suteau Kiss cut 4 klein

combined kiss-cutting / high speed cutting machines, mechanical , rewinder, slitting units, cross cutter

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