STAR hand cutting machine MA3 – Examples

Cutting force: Manual machine – theoretically up to 5 tons
Dimension: 305 x 356 x 380 mm (ohne Handhebel)
Handle length: 812 mm
Cutting head rotation: 360°
Cutting bed size: 300 x 225 mm (Breite x Tiefe)
Cutting head size: 200  x 215 mm (Breite x Tiefe)
Max. materialwidth 10 mm (materialabhängig)
  • weight – approx. 45 kg
  • solid steel frame
  • simple usage
  • usable for nearly all soft materials
  • manual machine, no energy costs
  • simple die setting
  • cutting against plastic cutting board
  • usable for cheap cutting tools
  • tool hight usable frm 19 – 40 mm
  • no service engineer for maintenance


With the manual swing arm press it is possible to cut nearly all soft materials – here are some examples

Handstanze Ledermaterial
STAR MA3 manual swing beam press for leather of shoes, handbags, clothing, accessories

Handstanze Dichtungsmaterial
STAR MA 3 manual swing beam press for sealing materials

Handstanze Filtermaterial
Cutting of filtermaterials

Handstanze Filz- und Vliesmaterial
Manual cutting of felt and fleece

Handstanze Fotos
STAR manual swing arm press MA3 for cutting of photos

Handstanze Gummimaterialhandstanze gummi 250
manual cutting of rubber

Handstanze Kunsstoff
Hand cutting press MA3 for cutting of plastic sheets and plastic film

Handstanze Papier
Cutting of paper

Handstanze Pappe
Manual cutting press for cardboard

Handstanze Rutschschutzmaterialien
STAR MA3 hand cutting machine for antislide materials

Handstanze Textilien
STAR hand cutting machine for textiles (for example sample books)

Handstanze Schallschutzmaterialien
Cutting of sound deadning material with the STAR MA3 hand cutting machine.

We are very pleased to test our machine with our materials and project before the sales, so that you can be 100% sure before the order !