Productrange Beam presses

Suteau offers the biggest range of Beam presses with cutting forces from 250 up to 5000 kN (25-500 tons) and more. Suitable for roles or sheets, for small or big production quantities, used or new, standard or taylormade solutions, Suteau offers the right machine for you !

Stanzen gegen Stahl

Beam press – cutting against steel (instead of plastic cutting board)

Suteau Brückenstanze fest 5 klein

beam press VFS – cutting force from 100 – 250 tons

Brückenstanze mit einfahrbarem Tisch

beam press XPM with moving table – manual or motorized

Suteau Brückenstanze mit Stanzband

Beam press VFS with cutting belt

Suteau Brückenstanze fest 3 klein

We are pleased to be able to offer you tailor-made systems to suit your needs.

You have the opportunity to test many different cutting machines and systems in our exhibition hall without further obligations.

We are happy to provide you with customer references on request so that you can get an objective impression of our products.

We will be happy to advise you free of charge which punching machine is best suited for your application!