Service Cutting Boards

We would like to help you to recognize the importance of a cutting board and offer products designed for your specific application.With the right type of cutting board you will optimize your production and ultimately save money. You are in the focus of our company and we will continue to fulfill your requests. We are […]

Consultation free of charge

Profit from our experience ! You are for sure the expert for cutting soft materials, especially your materials, but we would like to help with our ideas, our experience for the best cutting board for your application. Maybe this can help to improve the cutting result or increase the lifetime of the board for saving money […]

Productrange Kiss-Cutting and high speed cutting machines

Kiss cut is the synonym for partial cutting of the material. The top layers of the laminate existing of the main material, for example felt, and the double side adhesive tape will be cut through and the silicone paper, which covers one side of the adhesive tape will be not cut. So the cutted parts […]

Product overview automatic CNC travelling head press

Automatic cnc travelling head press with a quality cutting belt, cutting head dimension 1,300 x 1,300 mm, cutting force 100 tons, pinch & grab feed, automatic nesting program for regular (circles, rectangles, triangles) and irregular shapes (drawing parts), processing of plate and roll material Automatic cnc travelling head press with a quality cutting tape, cutting […]

Productrange receding head press (beam press with movable head)

Receding head press in design version Receding head press with material feeding system Receding head press with welding & cutting (welding of e.g. Thinsulate material) Redecing head press with movable head with 300 tons Receding head press with additional pick up table We are pleased to be able to offer you tailor-made systems to suit […]

Cutting presses

  Established in 1947, Suteau are the leading supplier of Cutting Presses and Systems in Europe today. With more experience in cutting applications and solutions than any other European cutting system supplier we aim to exceed your expectations by working to high quality standards and offering value for money. Advantages of working with Suteau: More […]