Manual swing beam press


  • Weight : ca. 45 kg
  • very solid steel construction
  • easy to use
  • is good for many soft materials
  • pure manual machine – no costs for energy
  • easy set up for new knives
  • Cutting against a cutting boards
  • you can use simple and cheap tools
  • tool height from 23mm up to 40mm possible
  • low on maintenance

Manual cutting press MA3 – an alternative for small quantities and laboratory needs

We started using this machine for soft materials in 2013 where a lot of customers asked us for another smaller option beside a swing beam press! With the STAR MA3 we can offer you a solution!

How does the STAR hand cutting press MA3 work?

It works exactly like a bigger swing beam press. The cutting head is attached to a cylinder on the backside of the machine. The force isn’t made by hydraulic systems. It is made manually through a 812mm long handle on the front of the machine. The head is inclined a few degress like a bigger swing beam press. This is balanced if the cutting head is under force.

Usable for many different products

This many is used worldwide for small quanitities for cutting leather, pictures or laboratory works. But it can also be soft materials like in the following list:

  • Abrasives
  • carpets
  • elektronic parts
  • foamed plastic
  • Shoes
  • rubber
  • Leather articles
  • packaging
  • Paper
  • Textiles
  • Automotive parts
  • Cork
  • Fleece
  • Sealing
  • Laminates
  • medical products
  • foamed products
  • name cards
  • label
  • and many more

How to use the STAR hand cutting MA3

This machine weights about 45kg. It should be attached to a table 70-75 cm high to get the best leverage ratio and make possible the most ergomonic working. Since force always generate a counter force the table or subconstructe has to hold the machine and the force that you use while working with it. The machine has to be attached with e.g. screws to the subconstructure!

Tool height

The different tool heights are balanced with different high cutting boards. On the cylinder is a handwheel to adjust the high addiotionally and more acurate!


On the backside of the machine is the main oil spot. If you use the machine on daily basis please oil it once a week.

Cutting trys before you order!

We like to see you happy with our machine so we offer a test service for the MA3. We try the machine with your tools and your material so you can be sure if the STAR hand cutting press MA3 will suceed in your case!