The Most Common Occurring Problems


Over our many years of sales and consulting work we have often came across the same problems that can occur during the use of the cutting boards. We have listed several of them to help you recognize and eliminate them. Please see our handling tips for helpful information. If you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

icon krumme Platte The cutting board is bent and a normal cutting is not possible.
icon Raender

The die cut edges are not cut clean.
icon festklemm The die cut material is stuck in the cutting board after the cut.
icon Kraft The cutting die is stuck in the board after the cut.
icon Kruemmel There are slivers of cutting board material on the top of the boards.
icon Geschwindigkeit The production speed is slowed down in comparison to the last used cutting board.
icon Geschwindigkeit This cutting board did not last as long as the cutting board it replaced.