Cutting of sealings, rubber and fiber composite materials

cutting gasketsSuteau offers a large variety of cutting machines to cut sealings, rubber and fiber composite materials

  • Non-asbestos
  • Silicon
  • Metals
  • Graphite
  • Fiber composite materials
  • Foamed plastics
  • PTFE
  • Neopren
  • Felt
  • vulcanised Fiber compsite materials
  • Rubber
  • Paper
  • Corc
  • Glas fiber
  • Carbon
  • and many more

Products for :

  • private household
  • Aviation
  • Protection vest
  • Rubber strainers
  • Packages
  • O-Ring
  • Pipe sealings
  • Petrochemic Products
  • Verteidigung
  • Heat isolation
  • Automotive
  • Transport
  • Medicin
  • Food Industries
  • Marine
  • and many more

cutting feltauto 4cutting gaskets

Machines to cut this materials

  • Swing beam press
  • Travelling head press
  • Beam press
  • automatic CNC travelling head press 
  • High speed cutting systems
  • Kiss-cutting machines

The materials can be handled in sheet and / or reel material in small or big amounts! You can cut, kiss-cut, reroll on a new roll or shorten to Sets. We deliver small machines up to full automatic CNC controlled systems with material magazines, automatic ejectors and extraction of waste. We can offer you a solution for every budget!

Sutea Schwenkarmstanze klein
Suteau swing beam press

Suteau receiding head press

Suteau Karrenbalken

Suteau travelling head press

Suteau Kiss Cut klein

Suteau kiss cut machine

Please contact us – we have new and used machines to fulfil every requirement you may have!