Cutting board Type STAR 73E grey

Shore hardness D: 73
Color: grey
Application: This cutting board is flexible in thinner thicknesses (< 8mm) and easily used on a work surface for hand cutting. This type of cutting board is commonly used on roller presses in thicknesses of 12mm and 15mm.
Pricing: Very competitive
Stanzunterlage Star 73e grau

Type Star 73 E grey- cutting boards are used on these types of cutting machines:

  • Beam
  • Platen
  • Receding head
  • Roller
  • Swing arm clicker
  • Travelling head
  • and for hand cutting.

The perfect partner for your cutting equipment and dies.

Delivery program:

standard sizethickness

tolerance pressed

2.000 x 1.000 mm2 – 15 mm+/- 0,2 mm
3.000 x 1.500 mm2 – 15 mm+/- 0,2 mm
4.000 x 2.000 mm10 – 15 mm+/- 0,2 mm
Special formats such as e.g. 


2.743 x 2.438 mm10 – 15 mm+/- 0,2 mm
2.743 x 1.250 mm10 – 15 mm+/- 0,2 mm
on demand  

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