Cutting of self-adhesive material with kiss-cutting

kiss cutting 8 partSuteau offers a wide range of cutting presses to cut the following materials in a large application range!

Cutting of carbon fiber material and fiberglass

Carbon Gelege 2Carbon fiber and fiberglass cutting is easy to handle with a Suteau cutting machine. We also have a large amount of knowledge and experience in this area!

Cutting of abrasives and abrasive materials

cutting abrasivesSuteau offers a large variety of machines for the abrasive materials industry for cutting sanding belts, polishing discs and many more.

Cutting of carpets and flooring

cutting carpetsSuteau offers a large variety of machines to cut carpets and flooring.

Cutting of foamed plastic and sponges

cutting foamSuteau cutting machines cut nearly every kind of foamed plastic and sponges.

Cutting of plastics

cutting plasticsSuteau offers a large variety of machines to cut the most tasks with plastic products!