Cutting of foamed plastic and sponges

cutting foamSuteau cutting machines cut nearly every kind of foamed plastic and sponges.

  • Foamed plastic for accustic isolation
  • Foamed plastic for heat insulation
  • Foamed plastic for filtration
  • ink cartridge foam
  • Foam
  • Sealings
  • Automotive products
  • foamed plastics for medical parts
  • cleaning sponges
  • Foams for cosmetic
  • Powder sponges
  • Foamed plastics for surgical products
  • Foamed plastics for clothes, protectors
  • foamed plastics for furniture
  • Matress
  • Foamed plastics for fire protection
  • and many more

foam 1

Machines to cut foamed plastics and sponges

  • Swing beam press
  • Travelling head press
  • Beam press
  • Automatic CNC travelling head press
  • High Speed cutting systems
  • Kiss-cutting machines

Foamed plastics and sponges can be cut from sheet and/or reel material on swing beam presses up to full automatic travelling head presses.

Sutea Schwenkarmstanze klein
Suteau Swing beam press

Suteau XPM JPEG klein
Suteau receiding head press

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