Nesting Software

STAR nesting software allows you to take any shape you want to prepare a job costing for or cut, and automatically ‘nest’ it into the material you want to cut from to get the best possible material yield. The software is simple to use and achieves results fast.

This allows you to cost jobs quickly for your customers – you will know exactly how much material the job will take and how long it will take to cut.

If you want to cut the job, you simply load the program into your Suteau CNC Controlled Cutting Press and cut the job straight way.

The software forms a database of materials, tooling & previous jobs for instant recall which saves you time and speeds up costings.

You will take away all guess work involved and achieve precise results every time.

In addition, the software can be used to lay out your multi-cavity tooling to use on your receding head or beam presses.

Both regular and irregular shapes can easily be input. No special skills are involved.
This software will save you valuable time & money.

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