Stanzen von Schuhmaterial

cutting footwearSuteau offers many different stamping systems for the shoe industry for stamping shoe material.

Product examples:

  • shoes
  • Stiefel
  • ballet shoes
  • dancing shoes
  • The sun
  • Oberleder
  • Obertextilien
  • sandals
  • heels
  • embossed parts
  • safety shoes
  • medical shoes
  • Slipper
  • leather straps
  • and much more

footwear 1

Stamping machines for stamping shoe components

  • swivel arm punch
  • cart beam punch
  • bridge punch
  • CNC controlled cart beam punch 
  • Bridge punch with mobile bridge 
  • high speed punching system
  • Kiss-cutting Stanzsysteme

Products made from leather or synthetic materials can be made from sheet, hide or roll stock in both small and large quantities. We offer the smallest, manual machines (swivel arm punches) up to fully automatic punching systems with waste optimization software for maximum production speeds and optimal material utilization. We have a solution for every budget

Sutea swivel arm punch small
Suteau swivel arm punch


Suteau bridge punch

Suteau Karrenbalken

Suteau Karrenbalkenstanze

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