Cutting of carbon fiber material and fiberglass

Carbon Gelege 2Carbon fiber and fiberglass cutting is easy to handle with a Suteau cutting machine. We also have a large amount of knowledge and experience in this area!


  • carbon fiber stripes
  • carbon fleece
  • carbon wool
  • carbon fabrics
  • carbon textiles
  • carbon prepregs
  • glass fiber stripes
  • glass fiber fleece
  • glass fiber wool
  • glass fiber fabrics
  • glass fiber textiles
  • glas fiber prepeg


Cutting presses to cut this materials

  • swing beam presses for small factorys or labs
  • beam press systems for bigger parts
  • automatic beam press systems for mass production
  • CNC cutting presses for mass production inclusive nesting software etc.
  • Kiss-Cutting-Systems

The materials can be handled in sheet and/or reel material in small or big amounts! You can cut, kiss cut, reroll on a new roll or shorten to Sets. We deliver small machines up to full automatic CNC controlled systems with material magazines , automatic ejectors and extraction of waste. We can offer you a solution for every budget!

Please contact us – we have new and used machines to fulfill every requirement you may have!