Cutting of plastics

cutting plasticsSuteau offers a large variety of machines to cut the most tasks with plastic products!

For example:

  • PR articles
  • Presents
  • Sealings
  • Food bowls
  • Special packaging
  • medical products
  • Floor tiles
  • Safety clothing
  • Cut and ripp PP
  • Household products
  • automotive Products
  • and many more

plastics 1

Machines to cut different plastic articles

The materials can be handled in sheet and/or reel material in small and big amounts! You can cut, kiss-cut, reroll on a new roll or shorten to Sets. We deliver small machines up to full automatic CNC controlled systems with material magazines, automatic ejectors and extraction of waste.  We can offer you a solution for every budget.

Sutea Schwenkarmstanze klein
Suteau swing beam press

Suteau Kiss Cut klein

Suteau kiss cut machine

Please contact us - we have new and used machines to fulfil every requirement you may have!

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